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Sandy consistently encourages highly-creative design solutions while maintaining schedule and budget; his enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity consistently challenges the design team from concepts through construction. I can confidently recommend Sandy and know that he will bring creative solutions paired with practical experience to any project team.
Lawrence Klein, Design Director at AECOM
Sandy has a drive for excellence and the energy and focus necessary to achieve it. He is thoughtful and articulate in expressing his ideas, and collaborative in his openness to the ideas of others. He values creativity and rewards it with support and enthusiasm. His knowledge of tropical plants, particularly those of the Caribbean basin is encyclopedic. His work on the propagation of native and indigenous plants of Grand Cayman is unique and ground breaking, making these plants available to the nursery industry for the first time.
Dennis McGlade, Senior Partner at Olin Partnership
Sandy’s vision and stewardship for Camana Bay has been extraordinary and his contributions will continue to reverberate and nurture the community for decades. As Charles Moore liked to say, “the care you put into buildings is giving back every day.” In Sandy’s case it is buildings, landscape, lightings and graphics; in short, the whole integrated and harmonious environment. Camana Bay could not have realized its potential without his central role, full of insight, passion and energy.
Michael Martin, Moore Ruble Yudell
Sandy Urquhart is a passionate designer whose knowledge and expertise are evident in the quality of his work and the work of those with whom he collaborates. Sandy’s unbridled enthusiasm for design in the public realm makes him an invaluable partner on any effort in which design and social purpose are combined.
Buzz Yudell, Moore Rubell Yudell
At Dart Realty in Cayman for over thirteen years, Sandy has been part of a core team guiding the master planning, urban planning architecture and landscaping of the development. Sandy has played an important role in transforming Camana Bay from vision to reality and has worked closely with the Dart family and a large team of international consultants on every aspect of the town’s design. His understanding of architecture and eye for detail is matched only by his passion for horticulture. His work will stand the test of time, and provide lasting value to the community.
Jim Lammers, Dart Realty
Time spent with Sandy is a guarantee of insightful conversation and surges of creativity. Sandy’s ability to visualize a space during a project’s early stages allows him to make a design decision that contributes to its ultimate success. His combined skills as a designer, design manager and creative director are rare and should be celebrated by all who have the privilege of working with him.
Sam Fidler, The Design Theorem
About Sandy
With over thirty years experience in landscape architecture, structural design and land planning, Sandy Urquhart is based in Grand Cayman. Having led the design team for one of the Caribbean’s most significant mixed-use developments and having founded the region’s largest tropical nursery, Sandy is an expert in property development, horticulture and sustainable design. But a short resume of his professional achievements can provide only a glimpse of the man behind Urquhart.
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